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August 2015

Results of Today’s Visit

Today has been a very long and very tiring day. This morning I had an appointment with the surgical oncologist in Columbus, Dr. Terando. We arrived at the Martha Morehouse Medical Plaza this morning to meet with my cancer doctor and find out more about the cancer I have. Everyone was so very nice!


Gotta love those paper gowns! This was waiting on the medical team. And then there is the hubby with his ever present book.


Dr. Terando examined the area on my neck and then proceeded to explain what would be happening. She said that my cancer is a stage 2A and that we still are unsure if it has spread to my lymph nodes or not. We will be getting a biopsy done on the Sentinel Lymphnodes to check for any cancer. At this point I have no swelling in my glands or lymphnodes so those are very good signs! I have been getting some headaches and getting dizzy quite frequently so she is going to send me to get an MRI/CT scan of my head to make sure there isn’t anything we are missing. She sent me for an EKG today too because my pulse and blood pressure were up, also did blood work and a chest X-ray to make sure there wasn’t anything there that we are missing.

So all in all if my lymphnodes come back negative I won’t need further treatment, if they come back positive then we will be discussing further treatment to get rid of the cancer.

Also I would like to use my blog here as way to keep everyone informed so that it will be less to keep up. If you would like to get a notification when I post a new post, please comment and let me know.


Take Time to Smell the Flowers

Was shocked to receive these flowers yesterday!


Thank you to The Moonlighting Team (freelance work app)

The Joys of the Journey

Well since its after midnight I guess it’s today that I will be seeing the oncology surgeon at The James Cancer Center. I’m scared, nervous and weepy. As I held one of my daughters tonight and rocked her to sleep, I cried thinking of what the future holds for us as a family. I don’t understand why I’m going through this test but I know that if I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and remember He’s got a perfect plan, then I’ll come forth as Gold.

I know this is a short post but wanted to give a little update. Please continue to pray! Also on the blog is a page where you can find out how you can help us during  all of this.

All in the Journey

So it seems that in the Journey after the diagnosis, you dig, you learn, you grow, and you take hold of every ray of hope you can get. I have done some digging, learning and growing and I’m taking hold of hope! Yesterday I received my referral papers and appointment notice to see the oncology surgeon at OSU next week, and along with that came a brief summary of my diagnosis.

So in my reading, digging and learning I’ve found some facts about Malignant Melanoma that are very hopeful. I have a Clark’s Level IV Melanoma that was 2.10mm in thickness, that’s what was removed from my neck. What this means is that in fact I’m not at stage 4 which is awesome, it means that yes the cancer is there and it’s deep but it hasn’t (at least in that spot) reach the subcutaneous layers and blood stream. Now we still don’t know if it has reach my lymph system or my glands, that can only be determined with further testing. What we do however know is that it’s hopeful and looking good that we caught it in time.

This journey is one that leaves you feeling like you can conquer the world one day and the next you’re feeling like you’re barely holding on. If you know someone who is going through cancer why not send them a note of encouragement, a bright spot in their day. It’s rough not only on the person going thru it but also on their families and friends. They sometimes feel they have to keep a brave front going on and not let the world see how really scared they are, not let their family see the true fear that lies deep inside. It’s one thing for others to say just trust or have faith, when they’ve never faced those 3 scary words “You have cancer.” This is not to say we don’t appreciate all that those that are supporting us are saying it just means that you’ll have to understand when our human side overtakes us at times and causes fear and doubt to rise.

A Ray of Hope

Yesterday, my husband had a follow up appointment with our family doctor and she has the permission to share health information with him about me so it was no breech of confidence. But when she came in and looked at him she said “You look tired” he replied “Your heard about Ab” and she pulled her stool over close to him and said let me fill you in a bit. “She does have stage 4 Malignant Melanoma, however we caught it super super early, even the Pathologist was surprised at how early we caught it.” This has relieved both of our minds a bit. I know that it’s still serious, but it’s not as serious as we first thought.

I’m still waiting to hear about when my appointments have been set up at The James Cancer Center in Columbus, it seems at times that before they get all of the referrals in, things will be much worse. I’ve heard from others that it does seem at times that the doctors move so slowly after a diagnosis like this.

Our church family has been so supportive through everything so far. Our pastor sat with us in the evenings last week and was just a comfort, as he’s been through cancer with his wife. He’s especially been able to comfort Bud since he understands what he’s going through. I was anointed at our church on Sunday morning and believe that God is able to heal me, should that be His will.

In the beginning

August 12th began like any other day at my house, with my twin girls waking us up ready to get their day started. I got up fixed their breakfast, did my usual routine and then around 10:30 as my husband and his sister headed out the door to classes, I put the girls down for their nap. I had to hurry to get to my doctors appointment where I was to get the stitches out from having a mole removed from my neck. I went to my appointment alone,  sat for quite awhile in the exam room before the doctor came in. She began to go about her work and told me how nicely the incision was healing.

Then the stitches were gone and she pulled a piece of paper out and proceeded with the results of my biopsy. She said how good my regular doctor was for catching this spot and hurrying to get it removed. Then came the bombshell “Its Cancer” I was stunned, and instantly teared up but fought back the tears. I was not expecting that. Then came more ” Its the worst kind to have, its aggressive and spreads quickly. We don’t know if its already in your glands, or lymph nodes. It’s type 4 meaning its beyond skin deep. We need to be quick and get treatment started.”

Those are words you just hope you never have to hear. But I did and its left me numb, reeling, just totally have lost ability to focus on life matters. You just never know what a day will hold and how your life will be forever changed. I have 18month old twin girls that I want to see grow up. I want to be there for their first day of school, their kindergarten graduation, their sleepovers and birthday parties, their transition to young ladies, their high school graduation, sending them to college, helping to plan their weddings, celebrating the birth of their children and my grandchildren. I realize that cancer doesn’t always mean a death sentence, but its scary,uncertain, and doesn’t have regard for life circumstances or dreams.

With that said, I plan n to fight and WIN!

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