Yesterday, my husband had a follow up appointment with our family doctor and she has the permission to share health information with him about me so it was no breech of confidence. But when she came in and looked at him she said “You look tired” he replied “Your heard about Ab” and she pulled her stool over close to him and said let me fill you in a bit. “She does have stage 4 Malignant Melanoma, however we caught it super super early, even the Pathologist was surprised at how early we caught it.” This has relieved both of our minds a bit. I know that it’s still serious, but it’s not as serious as we first thought.

I’m still waiting to hear about when my appointments have been set up at The James Cancer Center in Columbus, it seems at times that before they get all of the referrals in, things will be much worse. I’ve heard from others that it does seem at times that the doctors move so slowly after a diagnosis like this.

Our church family has been so supportive through everything so far. Our pastor sat with us in the evenings last week and was just a comfort, as he’s been through cancer with his wife. He’s especially been able to comfort Bud since he understands what he’s going through. I was anointed at our church on Sunday morning and believe that God is able to heal me, should that be His will.