So it seems that in the Journey after the diagnosis, you dig, you learn, you grow, and you take hold of every ray of hope you can get. I have done some digging, learning and growing and I’m taking hold of hope! Yesterday I received my referral papers and appointment notice to see the oncology surgeon at OSU next week, and along with that came a brief summary of my diagnosis.

So in my reading, digging and learning I’ve found some facts about Malignant Melanoma that are very hopeful. I have a Clark’s Level IV Melanoma that was 2.10mm in thickness, that’s what was removed from my neck. What this means is that in fact I’m not at stage 4 which is awesome, it means that yes the cancer is there and it’s deep but it hasn’t (at least in that spot) reach the subcutaneous layers and blood stream. Now we still don’t know if it has reach my lymph system or my glands, that can only be determined with further testing. What we do however know is that it’s hopeful and looking good that we caught it in time.

This journey is one that leaves you feeling like you can conquer the world one day and the next you’re feeling like you’re barely holding on. If you know someone who is going through cancer why not send them a note of encouragement, a bright spot in their day. It’s rough not only on the person going thru it but also on their families and friends. They sometimes feel they have to keep a brave front going on and not let the world see how really scared they are, not let their family see the true fear that lies deep inside. It’s one thing for others to say just trust or have faith, when they’ve never faced those 3 scary words “You have cancer.” This is not to say we don’t appreciate all that those that are supporting us are saying it just means that you’ll have to understand when our human side overtakes us at times and causes fear and doubt to rise.