Today has been a very long and very tiring day. This morning I had an appointment with the surgical oncologist in Columbus, Dr. Terando. We arrived at the Martha Morehouse Medical Plaza this morning to meet with my cancer doctor and find out more about the cancer I have. Everyone was so very nice!


Gotta love those paper gowns! This was waiting on the medical team. And then there is the hubby with his ever present book.


Dr. Terando examined the area on my neck and then proceeded to explain what would be happening. She said that my cancer is a stage 2A and that we still are unsure if it has spread to my lymph nodes or not. We will be getting a biopsy done on the Sentinel Lymphnodes to check for any cancer. At this point I have no swelling in my glands or lymphnodes so those are very good signs! I have been getting some headaches and getting dizzy quite frequently so she is going to send me to get an MRI/CT scan of my head to make sure there isn’t anything we are missing. She sent me for an EKG today too because my pulse and blood pressure were up, also did blood work and a chest X-ray to make sure there wasn’t anything there that we are missing.

So all in all if my lymphnodes come back negative I won’t need further treatment, if they come back positive then we will be discussing further treatment to get rid of the cancer.

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