This past week our church was in revival and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to be a part of that. I was worried the doctor would schedule my surgery right during that and I would miss out on it.

I have played the piano for 21 years now and I love music, its a huge part of my life. Over the past 3-4 months I’ve been struggling with memory issues to the point I’m almost afraid to drive and my husband even noticed when I paused for a bit after he called a song selection out at church. It’s like I get to the page and just lose my memory of how to play the piano entirely. And with driving I’ll all of a sudden become conscious and wonder if I stopped at a red light or wonder how far I hadn’t been paying attention. I know that stress can do a lot to a person’s body both physically and mentally and we are hoping that’s all it is, however my cancer doctor scheduled me for a brain MRI this Saturday. I’ve been struggling with headaches and dizzy spells as well so we are just gonna get it all checked out.

Please continue to pray as the various testing is carried out. My surgery is scheduled for September 17th to do a Sentinel Lymphnode Biopsy and clean up the area where the first biopsy was taken.


This picture was taken in 2011 in Nashville, TN where I was privileged to play a Steinway Grand Piano.