Today we went to the Pavilion at the Wexner Medical Center in Columbus to have my brain MRI. Crazy day to go since it was the first at home game for Ohio State University and traffic getting into the Pavilion was crazy! But anyways we made it and I went in to get all set up. They went through all the normal questions that a person gets asked for a test like that, then I proceeded to let them know that I still have shrapnel in my fingers from a gun accident I had when I was 15. So they looked and decided they needed to get an X-ray to see what they were dealing with, so we did.

After the technician took the X-ray he asked if I wanted to see it, and of course I was really interested in seeing what it looks like now, since it’s been nearly 15 years since the accident and I haven’t seen it since then as far as how it shows up on X-ray. I couldn’t believe the amount of shrapnel still left in my fingers considering how long it took them in surgery to “clean” it out. There’s one chunk that isn’t even in the bone that I think they could have easily removed without damaging anything, but it’s still there and it hurts every once in a while.

Well after having the X-ray and the radiologists reviewing it, they decided that it was not save to put me into the MRI machine because of the risk of burns from the metal remaining in my fingers. They were not at full staff today since it is a weekend and didn’t feel comfortable trying it to see if it did bother me. However, the technician did run a pretty big magnet over my hand and it did nothing, but it’s not as powerful as the MRI tube. So now we wait to see what my cancer doctor says as to what she wants done, if she wants to attempt the MRI or just do a CT scan. I know that MRI’s are so much better at picturing the brain and getting the needed information, but for now, it just might not be possible.

Another bump in the road right now is that the spot that was said to have been removed from my neck and that all the cancer cells were gone, has returned. It’s very black and the area is irritated. My surgery isn’t until Thursday, but I’m a bit worried that by then as fast as this stuff grows that if it isn’t already in my Lymphnodes that it will be by then. 😦 But I must just trust in Jesus and keep moving forward. I’m having a bit of a rough night tonight as I’ve had another headache for most of the day and I can’t take my usual medicine to help because of my upcoming surgery so I can only take Tylenol which doesn’t do much at all for me.

On a lighter note Hubby and I were able to take a little date and I was able to get a few small Christmas (yes I said it) gifts bought for Christmas time. It’s hard for me to get out to shop, so I do most of that shopping online through Amazon and Ebay and various other sites. But I do enjoy finding things that I think people will like and things that interest them. I like to make people feel special and loved and I hope that I can do that for a lot longer yet!