‘Twas the night before surgery,

And all through the house,

Preparations were made by both man and spouse,

The babies snug in their beds,

Mom had kissed both their heads.

To church they had gone and prayer had been made,

The church had made sure to send their love and good wishes

that soon all these trials would fade. .

The fears still did linger, as if held by a finger.

Ab had read all the paperwork, signed on the line

And was hoping that soon she’d be fine.

You see only a month ago she had heard that the spot from your neck,

it’s going to make you fret, it’s because it is cancer that’s growing.

We must get you in to see a expert and in quite a rush.

So in just a bit and with quite the fuss,

Ab was sent to Columbus to see a new doc.

The new doc did prod and she did spy and then she said that I needed to sign.

So, off to surgery I was scheduled and for this test and that.

The thoughts they did swell

and fears and doubts were hard to quell.

She knew that her heavenly Father did know every detail and held every plan

and each beat of her heart was held in His hand.

Ab knew she must trust and not make a big fuss,

She had heard, and she held each promise so dear,

In His word He had said not to fear.

In Jesus she trusted and had felt very near.

She felt He was holding her up in his hand.

So, she determined in her heart to hold the promises true that He’d spoken so clear.

Tomorrow would dawn and she would move on,

To the next phase of life and face it in stead of give up and give in.

She’d determined she’d fight and she’d win.

In her heart it is settled, Jesus is King.

In her life it’s determined that Heaven she’ll make.

Her husband and kids she plans to enjoy and those are the things,

That in this life do matter, whatever life throws at her she’ll take.

The saying goes “When life gives you lemons, then make lemonade.”

Life’s trials seem hard, life’s trials aren’t fair,

But if we wait we’ll soon go to a land where on gold streets we’ll promenade.

There won’t be grey in our hair,

Our pain we’ll forget, our scars will be healed and our crowns will be laid,

At the feet of the one who great sacrifice made,

For our sins He did die, and then he arose, then He triumphed over the grave.

So with song in my heart and praises made, I’ll close this chapter.

I’ll grow and I’ll learn and I hope that it’s clear,

That even though I might fear,

I’ve made quite a choice, I’ve taken my stand,

I’ll take Jesus instead of the world and Heaven I’ll gain.

–written by Abigail Kuhn