Just thought I would pop in and give an update on my cancer. I am scheduled to see the Dermatologist on Tuesday of next week for a check up. I’m a bit anxious as I think I may be developing some questionable spots. I don’t really fancy being cut on again, but realize that it may be necessary. Melanoma is not a picnic or walk in the park, but then when is cancer ever either of those two things.

Just a few things that I’ve learned about this dreaded disease is that once you have it, it’s never very far from your mind. Once you’ve had one spot then you constantly worry about every spot, freckle, or dot that starts to turn dark or change colors.

I found out that one thing good that has come from this diagnosis is that it has brought awareness to the rest of my family. And, I’m guessing that each time I go for a checkup from now on, I will be somewhat nervous about it. But, I must just keep trusting God that He knows exactly what is best for me and my little family!

I hope to be updating after Tuesdays visit with good news! 🙂