I wrote last week about being nervous about my first dermatology appointment and that I thought I possibly had a few more spots. The appointment went pretty good and most of the spots that I was concerned about the dermatologist said she wasn’t concerned about. There was one spot on my lower abdomen that was a bit of a concern and they did a biopsy that day and I got the results back yesterday. And, THANK THE LORD it is not cancer! The doc said it did have atypical cells which means that it’s highly recommended that I have the rest of the area removed so as to avoid the possibility of cancer in the future. They are not sure whether or not that particular area could become cancerous or not, just with a patient that has my history they highly recommend my having it removed. So I will be getting scheduled for another excision of the area which can be done outpatient right in their office.

I am nervous about the outpatient procedure since it seems that anytime I have procedures done with local anesthetic I nearly pass out. But I guess that’s why it is done with a doctor overseeing the procedure.