This past week I had another minor surgery to remove the rest of a spot. This was just an outpatient surgery, with local anesthetic, I was really nervous about it. I was afraid that I wouldn’t get numb enough and I would feel things, well, I was about right. They did have trouble getting the area numb and I felt when the surgeon started to sew me up, but it wasn’t too awful.

The results of this spot just came back and they were negative for any cancer. Thank the Lord!! He certainly has taken care of me. I get nervous every time I go back to see the doctor because you just never know what they will say. I have another check up at the end of March, then again in June and August. I see either my cancer surgeon or the dermatologist every 3 months.

Cancer Surgery.jpgI know that this blog has been about my cancer journey, and I would like to keep it about that. I just don’t update here that often anymore since there really hasn’t been much to report. Which I’m grateful for, because that means I’m doing ok. However, I recently had some other health issues, ended up to be the Calcium Crystals in my ears were out of whack, man that can really mess you up and make you pretty sick. I could hardly walk without hanging onto stuff. Ended up going to the ER by squad because I had no idea what was going on. Boy did that doc get it wrong. He said I had some inner ear infection/virus and it wasn’t that at all.

I have also been having trouble with my heart. It’s been racing for no reason, so I’m not on medicine to lower my heart rate and bloodpressure. It makes me feel very weak and shakey, almost like I’m having a low blood sugar attack. Hopefully that will straighten out soon.