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August 2016

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We Give Praise

There are many things for which to praise the Lord and I don’t want to fail to praise him for those things.

I realize that I don’t update this blog that often, that’s because there really hasn’t been a whole lot recently to update. Which I’m so grateful for.

I had my checkup a couple weeks ago and it went very smooth. I have no active spots of cancer at the moment, although there is a pretty big, darker mole that doesn’t have a look alike spot that they are monitoring on my back.

Each appointment I have a skin screening and they check any darker moles that I have or any spots that I have concerns about. This helps to keep my risk of developing a higher level cancer spot down as I have these checks every 3 months. I was concerned about the check in August simply because of it being summer and the fact of being outdoors in the sun and I despise the way that sunscreen feels on my skin and sometimes even feels like it’s burning my skin. But thankfully I don’t have anything.

So, I have many things for which to be grateful:

  1. My care team is all on the same page.
  2. I have regular checkups.
  3. I don’t have any active spots.
  4. I have a support system of friends and family who pray regularly for me and especially around checkup time when my anxiety gets the best of me.
  5. I have access to more knowledge about preventing skin cancer.
  6. I have excellent medical care.
  7. I’m blessed with God’s love and care and know that He knows what’s best for me.


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