Christmas 3.jpgChristmas is fast approaching and so is the new year, so as I sat holding my daughter Elayna tonight getting her to sleep, I began thinking over this past year. It seems as though so much has happened, in so many ways my family is not the same family I had last Christmas. Oh, yes its still the same family members, but the people have changed. My husband is now in his senior year of undergraduate school, working part time, and the assistant pastor at our church, as well as being daddy to our twin girls, and being a taxi service to all of us. Whether or not I want to choose to acknowledge that we are beginning to age a bit faster or if I want to stay blind, doesn’t change the fact that time is sailing past.

Nearly 7 years have passed since we exchanged our wedding vows in my home church. Nearly 7 years full of events that have slowly molded us into DSC_0545the people we are today. This road hasn’t been easy, its been full of twists, steep cliffs, high mountains, valleys, thick forests and at times briar patches. We’ve kept plugging on refusing to allow those things to break us apart.

One phrase that seems to always come up is something that my mother-in-law used to say “We’ll make it somehow.” I never got the chance to meet her, she passed away in January of 1996 leaving behind 3 broken hearted children and a devastated husband. Then just 4 short years later my father-in-law passed away as well, leaving my husband and his two sisters orphans. Life can be pretty cruel at times, and even as Christians we aren’t promised things will go smoothly.

When I met my husband nearly 11 years ago now, he was only 21, and I was just 19. A few months later we started writing and emailing back and forth and formed a friendship. Then there was a misunderstanding and we didn’t talk much for 14 long months. Then we met again in 2006 and started dating, then a year and a half later we got engaged and were married 10 months later. We’ve been in ministry together ever since, starting in Pennsylvania as youth pastor/leader, then moving to Ohio and become assistant pastor, then a full time pastor and now again as assistant pastor.

Needless to say we’ve gained quite a bit of gray hair, wrinkles, dark circles under our eyes and even health issues. We’ve spent some sleepless nights, cried together, had our disagreements, always stuck it out. Learning to live with another ppolarity-460731_960_720erson isn’t easy, there are personality differences, differences in opinions, differences in the way that we think a place should look, differences in decorating styles and housekeeping manners, but when it comes down to it, we make it work, we compromise, we work together and find a happy medium. For instance my agreement to let him put up his poster of Frankenstein’s monster and his Ohio State penant in our bedroom. But my excuse is that he doesn’t have a man cave for those things anymore. We make it work. 🙂